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Inter House

Patron: C.P NAUGAIN (Principal)


Amarawati was a Buddhist religious center situated at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. It boast of a magnificent Stup revered by Buddhist and widely known for its architectural Carvings. Amarawati stup was discovered in 1796 by a local chief. Since then several terracotta figurines, carved stones and a magnificent gateway(toran dwar) have been discovered.

House Master : Mr. Rakesh Rawat
Sports Incharge : Mr. Sanjay Rayal
Members : Mrs. Kalpana Bisht, Ms. Pratishtha Attri, Mrs. Reena Khatri
House Captain : Megha Negi
Vice Captain : Ashish Kaintura
Housr Perfect : Ankita Rawat, Surbhi Negi, Anuj, Prerna, Ashmita Semwal, Krishna Dhyani


Nalanda is the ancient most university of India in Bihar, India. The site of NALANDA is located in the Indian state of Bihar, about 55 miles south east from Patna and was a Buddhist center of learning from 427 to 1197 BC. It is “One of the first great universities in recorded history” At its peak, the university attracted scholars and students from as far away as China, Greece and Persia.

House Master : Mrs. Seema Negi
Sports Incharge : Mr. Anil Purohit
Members : Mrs. Anju Dhondiyal, Mr. Rajeshwar Bhatt, Mrs. Shakuntala Negi, Mr. Anil Purohit, Mrs. Beena Hindwan
House Captain : Prakhar Rawat, Shruti Rawat
Vice Captain : Prateek Chauhan, Sonam Raturi
House Perfect : Sumit Bhardwaj, Sonam Pundir


Vaishali, it has the unique distinction of being the world’s first democratic republic in 6 century B.C. It was a great center of trade and commerce. Lord Buddha used to preach sermon on the outskirts of vaishali. The second budhist council was held at vaishali. It is also famous for the origin of Jainism. Lord Mahavir Born in vaishali in 527 B.C

House Master : MRS. Damini Puri
Sports Incharge : Mr. Sumbir Lingwal, Ms. Pinky Panwar
Members : Mrs. Damini Puri, Mrs. Neelam Thapliyal, Mr. Pinki Panwar, Ms. Monika chand, Mr. Sumbir Lingwal, Mr. Mayank Gauniyal
House Captain : Nitin Rauthan, Sakshi Bhandari
Vice Captain : Abhinav Panwar ,Anjana Gusain
House Prefect : Abhinav Panwar, Diksha Manwal, Shubham Naugain, Deepali Rawat


Taxila an important centre of learning As well as of political activities had immense importance in ancient India. It acquired importance under the governor ship of Ashoka before his accession to the throne. A new style of architecture grew from these only due to India's contact with central Asia. Taxila was the capital of famous Kushana King Kaniska.

House Master : Mrs. Mamta Lakhera
Sports Incharge : Mr. Ajay Budakoti
Members : Mrs. Mamta Lakhera, Mrs. C.K Bahuguna, Mrs. Durgesh Sharma, Mrs. Medha Rayal, Mr. Vijay Thakur, Mr. Ajay Budakoti
House Captain : Vikas Rawat, Kavita Patwal
Vice Captain : Ashish Gurung, Rohini Negi
House Prefect : Pooja Lekhwar, Dharmendra Bisht