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Principal Message

The true Education brings modesty and modesty makes a perfect man. A perfect man achieves the goals settled by him and after achieving the desired goals we get an ultimate happiness.

To transplant some vital body organ or to change the shape and color of the body through plastic surgery is not an easy task for a surgeon, but to change a biological small creature into a sensible human being and then to shape up its character and career to built it a responsible citizen in future is even harder and more challenging task which has to be accomplished by a teacher. In today’s world where cut-throat competition has become vital for the survival, teacher’s task has become multi angular and more complex, therefore he/she has to refresh and renovate himself/herself with the new concepts, ideology and methods of modern education.

In other words the teachers have to reload themselves with even more sophisticated and latest weapons of knowledge or technologies and contemporary methods of education. The school is therefore the rendezvous of scholar where both teacher and taught should always hunt for the best and the best is obviously that which is appreciated by the contemporary civilized society.

We here in our school, SGRR Public School Balawala, always Endeavour to follow the above mentioned principles. The school, surrounded by lush green fields is about ten kilometers from the capital city Dehradun. It is a co-educational institute presently accommodates about 1200 students taken care of by about 50 teaching and non-teaching dedicated and devoted staff. The remarkable achievement of the school is its continuous and steady improvement in academics as well as in other co-curricular activities. The school has been successful in maintaining the reputation of a well known institution which is successful in achieving the faith and respect of the parents. The school is further hailed for bringing up the children of the villages up to the level of city children.

But all the above gains could not be possible without the kind co-operation and all sorts financial as well as moral support along with formidable guidance from our present manager and patron of the SGRR Education Mission Shri Mahant Devendra Das Ji Maharaj who has always been the key source of inspiration to encourage the teachers, students and other staff of the school.